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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Is there a map with directions to the location of this event? How does parking and unloading work?
A- Schreibers farm is located on Route 188 in Oxford Connecticut. You can find a map here where you can enter directions from your location. You can find a map here, of the campsite, that shows loading zones and parking areas., which can be downloaded and printed.

Q-- How often do these gatherings occur?

A-- Gatherings occur primarily in May at our Spring event and in September at our Harvest event. In August, we have on occasion had a less-formal camping event when there has been enough interest.

Q-- May I bring my children to these events?
A-- Children are always welcome. We ask that parents ensure their children's safety at all times by making certain they have adequate supervision for their age. If you are a parent and need some respite, whether to attend a workshop, do a job, or to simply take a nap, be sure their care has been transferred to another adult. 

Q--There are sometimes vehicles parked on the camping a side of the river for the duration of the event. Is there a reason for this?
A-- All vehicles that remain on the camping side of the bridge for the event must have permission in advance from the coordinators.  Permission is granted on a case by case, event-by-event basis, and may include event management, health needs, or other factors that coordinators deem reasonable or necessary. If you need more information, please contact a coordinator.

Q-- I would like to offer a workshop. How do I go about this? May I charge a fee?
 We love to have workshops and other special activities be part of these events. If your proposed workshop requires a special space or specific time of day, we recommend you submit a proposal to a coordinator in advance, or make note of your needs on your registration form. Use of the large tent or Shaman's Hill, for example, will require advance planning; we do not want to have multiple offerings competing for the same space.  If you choose to offer informal/spontaneous workshops, that is fine, but keep in mind that pre-scheduled events might be taking place where you hoped to manifest your workshop. If you need further assistance in setting up a workshop, or have more questions, please contact a coordinator via the form on the Let Us Know page.

Q- What are communal meals?

A -One of our most beloved traditions is the communal evening meals we all share. These glorious potluck-style feasts consist of hot dishes, salads, sides, and desserts, all prepared about by our attendees. Everyone brings something to the table, and no one leaves hungry! Breakfast and lunch or more casual affairs; the communal kitchen is available to anyone at any time, as long as they clean up after themselves.
We do ask that at 4:30 pm, the kitchen be cleared, clean, and ready for our Chefs and Sous Chefs to come and prepare the dinner meal. Dinner runs from @ 6 p.m. to 7:30 pm. At that time we ask that all volunteer kitchen witches, Chefs and Sous chefs, return to the kitchen to retrieve cookware, store leftovers, and wash dishes and cutlery used during food prep.
Community members are all expected to wash their own personal plates and utensils. 
 Kitchen witchery is the art of cleaning up the kitchen and overseeing the process of having things put back in order. Sous chefs remind Chefs when it is time to come to the kitchen to cook, help them keep track of their cooking pots, knives, ingredients, or other personal items, and help them pack up leftovers at the end of the meal. These jobs need volunteers to fill the positions, so head on over to the Let Us Know page if you think this would be something you can help with at one of the feasts! Or i
f there are specific jobs you feel you are well suited to and would like to have, let us know! We would love to have you!

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