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Folken Camp Gathering: Spring Like a Chicken!  May 14- 17, 1015


 Anyone else starting to feel a little cramped, cooped up for the winter's duration? Anyone dreaming about sunny days, green grass, starry nights, and a big fire?

It is never too soon to start to get excited for our Spring gathering at  Schreiber’s Farm! Connecting with the earth, our friends, music and soul-nuturing goodness is a gift to ourselves. So come join four days of shared wisdom, talents, skills, love, stories, food, kindness, laughter and much, much more.
Let's gather together and spring into the colors of a fresh, new season, and spread our wings again!

Newcomers, welcome! Old Folken, invite your friends! Click on the "extras" and let the slideshows tell the story. :)

For those who can and would like to help ensure all costs are
covered, in addition to the regular $30 rate we have an optional "Folken +Five" rate of $35 
The additional $5 donations will be kept on stand-by should they be needed for this event;
any +Five monies not used will be put toward the next Folken event. All other surplus monies from standard reg fees will go to St Jude's.

Four days of camping on beautiful, private land with awesome people is a STEAL at this price!

    Pre-­registration Only
$30/$35 for 16 & over
$15 for ages 6-­15
5 & under Free
No Day Passes. No drop-­ins. No refunds.

 PRE-REGISTRATION forms can be found HERE (new window will open!)

Paypal payments go to
eric_h   at  
(you will prompted at the completion of registration to send payment)

 If paying by check or money order via snail mail, please contact Eric at the same email addy for mailing address info!

   * Please Note: A registration form for each attendee must be filled out and 
    no matter your payment method!
      We need  your info and signature on file!

     We are asking that all registration fees be postmarked for this
****no later than May 8th****,
so that we can be
     certain that all costs are covered.

 ::Your registration fee helps us pay for the farm and potty rentals. All surplus funds raised are donated 100% to St. Jude's Children’s Hospital, except for +Five funding, which stays in Folken care until the next event.::
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